Commence Spring!

The days are warming and haunt away those last riddens of winterchill
A fresh breeze settles on the coach, and work commences into its finer moments

Or in English; I’ve just started working on the initial track order for Spring.

Spring you say….
Well yes; with the selection of tracks done last friday a new diversion rose to the surface.
And thus on April 4th NNTS06 will see the light with 4 80-min CD’s
It’s natural selection will be the four seasons.

You can fill in the dots there, while I continue work on bringing an order to the first CD….

Ohhhhh loverly 🙂


And once again…..

NNTS06 starts here!

The first selection has been made and most of the tracks now have a place in the large pool of superb music. At this point I am not too sure yet if it will be 4 or maybe even 5 discs!!

But now that I’ve started again, I realize I missed it. The sheer joy of working with all these tracks, molding them into a very enjoyable mixture and flow is so rewarding already. It will be fun creating a new epic compilation that I am sure many people will look forward to.

Perhaps I’ll not be as wordy as I have been with the 4th and 5th edition, as it will likely only mean repeating my words and motions.

The only thing at this time that is set is the release date:

April 4th 2009

hey – release day – yay

Well oddly this feels a little after the fact as this morning NNTS05 was played in full already and the download links were sent out to all the artists involved, but….

It’s out there!!!


Enjoy 🙂

Last day chores

It is 24 hours till release now 🙂

And with all the artwork finished and most of the releasepages being ready today entails the bulk upload to both the home-page as well as to So for you out there whom wish to have an early view you’ll likely know your way around.
For the more patient ones and less compu-literate you can ofcourse wait untill the official release tomorrowmorning. 24,5 hours from now NTNS radio will start and we will play NNTS05 in full!

I do want to take a moment and thank Nicola incredibly much for being a non-stop support throughout. She did some incredible artwork for this release and was the first to hear and see the initial results of our co-work.

And secondly I want to thank all artists and netlabels involved, the quality of sound I was working with was of extraordinary excellence. The world of free music has greatly expanded in 2008 and hopefully will expand only more in the years to come.

Thank you reader, for taking the time to read my meanderings through accomplishing yet another epic release. Once again I find myself raising my eyebrows thinking; how on earth am I going to surpass the consecutive NNTS series. I don’t know if or how. Time will be the better judge of that.

Thank you for the music!

That is what keeps pushing me


Happy new year!!!

That were a quite special roll-over into the new year. One to remember for years to come.

Well, yesterday was a very productive day on this end; and the productiveness will last a lil bit longer. There is only one more design to be completed with all the necessary info, but things are looking good!

I’d say things are looking damn good!

Just two more days untill the official release

Patience my dears, patience

Inbetween (holi)days

It’s been some time since the last post here, which basically is because not much work has been done on further preparations. Well tiny bits really sofar.
That is untill today;

As the first designs are trickling in, now the work on the presentation and publication of the download pages is going into steam mode. Only a few more days untill the big release day on saturday. Plenty of work yet to be done, but no doubt it will all be ready come saturday.

Be on the tip of your chair!!!

We’re coming!

Tuesdaymorning truckloads

truckloads of work were done the past few hours.

Well, it took a few hours of focussed work, but the result is 4 different playlists; all tracks unisoned and normalized. And well, I do have to admit of having to edit a tad more then was wanted in two or three tracks. I just had to get it to fit on an 80 minute CD so that this would be a burnable project for the listeners to enjoy this away from the computer as well.
I’ve seen the first drafts of the art that will accompany each separate segment and it looked superb. This will become quite the release to be proud of, for all the artists involved and for perfecting this compilation of 66!!!!!! tracks of almost 66 different artists. I am quite the perfectionist and I must truthfully admit to love these tedious jobs that precede this release.

For now I can sit back for a moment and let the entire project imbue itself, settle itself before the next chores come; gathering all the links to artists and albums and netlabels.

I must also confess the words seem stuck for this moment, though I personally know why.